About Us

Behind all excellent developments must be an excellent developer.

A developer with quality control and excellent standards but also with a heart towards nature and human emotions.

The Resort is the creation of 3 principal property developers with holdings in various companies in many sectors including real estate, energy, and finance.

Their completed real estate projects are in New York, France, Israel, and The Mediterranean where the company has delivered more than 3000 happy homes.

When visiting The Resort, it is clear for guests to immediately see and feel that the creators are more artistic than development profit motivated.

The excellent location, design, density, flow, ambience, and material choice coupled with empathy to nature is immediately apparent upon arrival.

A deep love of nature by the development team is one of the main ingredients that has created this popular and truly unique, paradise community.

The Management

In order to preserve the long term quality and beauty of this 5 star Resort,  the developer has created a Management Facility which will be based in an office on site.

A company will be formed for Management and decisions and will be made by residents on a voting basis with elected residents attending board meetings. There will be full transparency of accounts.

The service charge will be £100 for 2 bedroom apartments and £70 for 1 bedroom apartments. This is an initial estimate which the developer has calculated to be sufficient for the employment of staff and equipment. This amount will be inflation adjusted over the years and any unusual repairs will be paid by a sinking fund made up from any surplus service charges paid.

This is a monthly payment and will enable residents to enjoy the following facilities :

  • Spa including Hamam and Sauna (only treatments will be charged extra)
  • All swimming pools
  • Gymnasium
  • Park with children’s playground and running path
  • Beach and pool furniture
  • Gardening
  • Cleaning common parts
  • Maintenance
  • Pool cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Internet
  • Restaurants and cafe access (food and beverage paid by residents and guests)
  • Beach sand grooming and common parts cleaning
  • Landscape maintenance
  • Beach “man powered equipment” (kayaks, paddle boards)
  • Yoga platform
  • Internal road maintenance and communal lighting
  • General maintenance

Completed International Projects by This Developer

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